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2016 Psychic Fairs In The U.S. And Canada (2017 COMING SOON)

Psychic Fairs used to be small, secretive gatherings at a private home. They have definitely gone mainstream with psychic fairs being held at hotels and convention centers all over the World. Depending on the fair it can be a one day gathering for 5 or 6 hours or a 3-7 day festival complete with hundreds of booths, lectures, demos, Reike healings, and thousands of visitors. Visitors can buy readings, books, crystals, tarot cards, jewelry, pendulums, incense, you name it. Many people prefer to go for more of the experience and shopping than the readings. Fairs tend to be a bit loud and busy for an intimate reading. On this page we are going to keep you up to date with as many events as we can so that you can get out there and experience all the great things psychic fairs have to offer. If you know of a fair out there that we missed feel free to let us know via our SASH Facebook Page

Click on festival for more info, check back often for updates.

Date Fair City State
1 Sedona Psychic Fair Sedona Arizona
6-8 Hamilton Psychic Fair Hamilton Montana
6-8 Body Soul & Spirit Winnepeg Canada
7 Richmond Holistic Event Richmond Virginia
7 Psychic Fair Orlando Florida
7 Psychic Fair Saginaw Michigan
7 Great Conjuction Expo Akron NY
13-14 The Journey Psychic Fair Cleveland Ohio
14 Psychic Fair Kennesaw Georgia
14-15 Galatic Expo Nashville Tennessee
15 Mystical Psychic Fair Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
15 Psychic Fair Little Falls New York
20-23 First Star Psychic Fair Kitchener Ontario
21-23 Body Mind & Spirit Expo Honolulu Hawaii
21 BHA Psychic Fair Niwot Colorado
21-22 Waterloo Psychic Fair Waterloo New York
21-22 Inner Space Psychic Fair Atlanta Georgia
22 New Earth Expo Los Angeles California
22 Dream Angels Psychic Fair Tequesta Florida
22 Celebration Psychic Fair Cleveland Ohio
22 Blue Moon Expo Dallas Texas
22 Summer Healing Psychic Fair NYC New York
Date Fair City State
2 Psychic Healing Fair Raleigh North Carolina
4 Psychic Fair Herndon Virginia
4 Cayce Psychic Fair NYC New York
4 Psychic and Healing Fair Stockton California
4 Intuitive Connection Louisville Kentucky
4-5 Gypsy Goddess Summer Festival Saginaw Michigan
4-5 Body Mind & Spirit Expo Chicago Illinois
5 Tucson Psychic Fair Tucson Arizona
11 New Life Expo NYC New York
12 Holistic Living Expo Sacremento California
18 LOCC Light Festival Huntsville Alabama
18-19 Psychic Fair Fort Collins Colorado
18-19 Body Mind & Spirit Expo Tampa Florida
24-26 Healing Body and Spirit Birch Run Michigan
26 Holistic Festival Plano Texas
26 Blue Moon Psychic Fair Dallas Texas
Date Fair City State
8-10 KC Metaphysical Fair Overland Park Kansas
9 Holistic/Spiritual Fair Anaheim California
9-10 Body Mind & Spirit Expo Daytona Florida
10 Phoenix Psychic Fair Phoenix Arizona
15-17 First Star Psychic Fair St Catharines Ontario
15-17 Psychotronics Convention Chicago Illinois
16 Karmic Connections New Orleans Louisiana
16 Great Conjunction Expo Akron Ohio
18-19 Sprinfield Spirit Fair Springfield Missouri
23-24 Body Mind & Spirit Expo Austin Texas
23 Summer Psychic Fair Laconia New Hampshire
24 Blue Moon Psychic Fair Dallas Texas
Date Fair City State
6-7 Healing Body and Spirit Fort Wayne Indiana
7 Tucson Summer Psychic Fair Tucson Arizona
12-21 Cosmic Creation Montreal Canada
13-14 Psychic & Paranormal Expo Marion Iowa
19-21 Windsor Psychic Expo Windsor Ontario
20-21 Mind Body & Spirit Expo Chicago Illinois
20-21 Experience Psychic Fair Rochester New York
27-28 Experience Psychic Fair Depew New York
27-28 Mind Body & Spirit Expo Raleigh North Carolina
Date Fair City State
2-5 First Star Psychic Fair Kitchener Ontario
9-10 Journey Psychic Fair Cleveland Ohio
10-11 Whole Expo Durango Colorado
11 Psychic and Healing Expo Cherry Hill New Jersey
17-18 Belu Olisa Fall Fair Loveland Colorado
23-25 Vision Psychic Fair Brantford Ontario
24 Emarald Spirit Events Kent Washington
24-25 Alaska Whole Life Festival Anchorage Alaska
24-25 Inner Light Festival Lexington Kentucky
30-2 Vision Quest Psychic Expo London Ontario
30-2 Body Mind & Spirit Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Date Fair City State
1 Psychic Fair Orlando Florida
1-2 Experience Psychic Fair Rochester New York
1-31 Psychic Fair/Witchcraft Expo Salem Massachusetts
8-9 Arkansas Paranormal Expo Little Rock Arkansas
14-16 Vision Quest Psychic Expo Hamilton Ontario
15 Psychic Fair Niwot Colorado
15-16 Psychic Fair Rochester New York
21-23 Vision Quest Psychic Expo Belleville Ontario
21-23 Psychic Festival Kansas City Missouri
22-23 Mind Body & Spirit Expo Salt Lake City Utah
23 Halloween Psychic Fair Howell Michigan
28-30 First Star Psychic Fair Mississuaga Ontario
29-30 Mind Body & Spirit Expo Portland Oregon
29-30 ROTA Psychic Fair Monterey California
30 Secona Psychic Fair Sedona New York
Date Fair City State
4-6 Mind Body & Spirit Edmonton Alberta
5 Iowa Metaphysical Expo Iowa City Iowa
5-6 Psychic Fair Depew New York
5-6 Minneapolis Holistic Expo Minneapolis Minnesota
11-13 Mind Body & Spirit Calgary Alberta
11-13 First Star Psychic Fair Peterborough Ontario
12-13 Natural Healing Expo Mankato Minnesota
12-13 Natural Living Expo Marlborough Massachussets
12-13 Experience Psychic Fair Buffalo New York
12-13 Mind Body & Spirit Expo Greensboro North Carolina
12-13 Psychic Fair Atlanta Georgia
12-13 Angels In The Valley Akron Ohio
Date Fair City State
3 Great Conjunction Expo Akron Ohio
3-4 Angels and Aliens Columbus Ohio
17 Psychic Fair Niwot Colorado


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